FAQs and Photos

How does the class work?
You and your dog go through various exercises to get you moving while giving your whole body a great workout. Your dog stays leashed to you throughout the class as you go through different circuits, exercises and drills to challenge both of you together.

What does my dog do?
We incorporate movement-based drills to involve your dog as much as possible. Various cardio and agility exercises will tire your dog out. We also include unique dog-centered strength drills to make you work hard, and have your dog focus on you.

Do I need any special equipment?
You will need a leash, regular or umbilical, and an exercise mat or towel. All other equipment, including water for your dog, is provided.

Does my dog need special training to join?
No, the class is designed to have dogs of all shapes, sizes and learning levels join. Obedience training is not necessary, as the class encourages your dog to focus on you, while providing an element of socialization for both dogs and humans.

Do I need to be at a certain fitness level to join?
Of course not! The class is geared towards people (and dogs) of all fitness levels and abilities. We show modifications to make the workout easier or harder depending on your needs.